Our Mission

The African American Initiative Center's mission is to provide free resources to produce and sustain life wellness in African American and other minority communities. Our focus is not only on crisis prevention but after-care. We strive to create communities of trust while strengthing the weak, empowering the powerless, and encouraging the voices of those deemed voiceless. 


Meet the Founder

Sadé Fantroyal
Founder & CEO
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Sade Fantroyal is the CEO and Founder of The African American Initiative Center. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Sade remained local volunteering with many organizations across the city seeing firsthand the need for resources within the African American community. With a background in psychology and administration, she implemented many programs focusing on ridding the stigma of mental health in the community, triggers, and traumas of growing up in the city, creating space for men, women, and children as well as providing resources to the community. She is a strong believer in being the change she wants to see in the world. She lives to empower the lives of black and brown people.


Contact Us

The African American Initiative Center

Mailing Address: 325 Chestnut Street

Suite 876 #220

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Tel: 267-505-9695

Email: info@aaicofphiladelphia.org

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